Our Motivation the Border Crossing - the Crossing of Network Borders

On one hand, our interests in selected (crypto-/blockchain-/DLT-/...) projects such as Cardano, IOTA and others derive from an insight. On the other hand, it is the potential what can simplify close to all need satisfactions and business activities in many points of view.

The high agility of the crypto industries contrasts with the following insight:

  • All networks unite cost driver security - flexible availability of apps, data and services continue to drive
  • Storing the same information multiple times in various networks increases inefficiency
  • Current models and architectures are looking for operational efficiency and effectiveness

Today's smartphone usage, but even more concepts such as Smart City, Smart Factory or Smart Farming etc., demonstrate the conflicting goals. Where, for example, the simple linking of weather data saves water and increases crop yields at the same time, this is where development begins. However, the simple example already shows networks and borders.

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As the digital transformation progresses, the weak points become obvious. Current keywords:

  • Connectivity and service mobility
  • Interoperability
  • Self-Sovereign Identity

We believe models and use cases related to topics around IoT, DeFi, Smart Contracts, Self-Sovereign Identity, API Bridge but also financial inclusion, digital proof of authenticity, reduction of intermediaries, traceable product transparency and others benefit the satisfaction of needs at all levels and prevail. GameOn.

With our Cardano ADA stake pool "GameOn Adalove" (Ticker: GmeOn) we want specifically promote adaptation and decentralization. We plan for the long term and rely on continuity. We hope for support along the way and look forward to new delegates.

Our infrastructure and stake pool services are characterized by:

  • Future-proof infrastructure in state of the art data centers - 100% CO2 neutral
  • More than 20 years of experience in operating IT data centers & IoT infrastructures
  • Locations in the UK, Sweden and Switzerland
  • Single pool operator - protect decentralization

At this point we repeat the generally accepted recommendation regarding security: We recommend the use of hardware wallets. With apps like Yoroi or Daedalus, staking works quickly and directly from the hardware wallet. Keep your token (private keys, seeds) hardware-secured in your own hands, you can send them at any time during staking. See also the How-To video under "Further information".

GameOn Adalove: Stake ADA with us

Cardano ADA Stake Pool
Ticker: GmeOn
Name: GameOn Adalove
Committed Pool Pledge: 70.7k ADA
Locations: UK, Sweden, Switzerland

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